• Burkina Faso 40 billion CFA loan from BOAD

Burkina Faso 40 billion CFA loan from BOAD

For the first financing agreement, the West African Development Bank grants a loan in the amount of 250 million CFA to Burkina Faso to finance the feasibility study of three dam construction project and development of 600 ha of lands on the faga stream in the provinces of Sanmentenga, Namentenga and Gnagna.

Through the second financing agreement, the WAEMU Energy Development Fund is providing Burkina Faso with a loan of 9.5 billion CAF to finance the National Interconnected Network Reinforcement Project.

By the third financing agreement, the BOAD grants to Burkina Faso, a loan of FCFA  billion CFA for the partial financing of the priority tranche of the Road Maintenance Program 2017-2019.

The signing took place Monday, November 6, 2017 between the Minister of Economy, Finance and Development, Ms. Rosine Coulibaly Hadizatou / Sori and the President of BOAD, Christian Adovelande.

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