• Ivory Coast:  Increase in cocoa production by 28%

Ivory Coast: Increase in cocoa production by 28%

A gloomy atmosphere for the 4th edition of the National Coffee and Cocoa Days (JNCC), held in the last weekend in Abidjan. Despite an increase in production of 28%, a guaranteed purchase price kept at 700 F / Kg, the sector is hardly recovering from the impact of falling prices on world markets.

The 4th  edition of the National Days of Coffee and Cocoa (JNCC), held during the last weekend at the site of the Ivory Coast Agricultural Stabilization Fund (Caistab) in Abidjan, was held “in sobriety” , according to the organizers. After years of success, the JNCC, which is the showcase of the “made in Ivory Coast”, is the image of the cocoa industry, in full tumult. And it is in this context that Yves Koné took the reins of the Coffee-Cocoa Council, which made its baptism during the JNCC. The agronomic engineer, formerly of the Coco-Cocoa, Council is a graduate of Ensa (National Higher Institute of   Agronomy,), succeeds pver Massandjé Touré-Litsé, who was sent away by the fall in prices and a loss of  43 billion CFA  of the State. Even if the purchase price of Ivorian cocoa was kept at 700 F / Kg for the 2017-2018 season, reassuring producers. In part…

Production continues to rise

Despite the fall in world prices which affected internal selling, bringing the purchase price on the field from 1100F / Kg to 700 F, production in 2016-2017 was 2,015,113 tons, compared with 1,568,304 tons in 2015-2016, an increase of 28.49% with an estimated  exportation of 1,926,371 tons, an increase of 23.31%. According to Lambert Kouassi Konan, the chairman of the board of the Cocoa Coffee Council, the institution that oversees the sector, “the reduction in price has by no means undermined the enthusiasm and the ardor of producers. “

Impact of falling prices

“The drop in prices last year has been very complicated and continues to be complicated for producers. When there is no money on the ground, those who have a little cash really speculate with the producers. People always manage to get into the net and come up with ridiculous prices for producers, “says Obed Blondé Doua, producer of Man, president of the Any farmer Union in Ivory Coast.

He said that “this back-to-school year is particularly difficult for the agricultural world, which pledges the cocoa parcel for 50 000F because planters have needs to be addressed. People started by selling out productions because they needed cash to live. That is the negative impact of falling prices. “

New challenges

“Let’s make the effort to cultivate savings” recommended Coulibaly Siaka Minayaha, director of the cabinet of  Minister Mamadou Sangafowa Coulibaly. While the year 2018 should not see an improvement in prices, the alternative remains to increase the rate of local processing of cocoa, to reach 50% of the national production.

By Issiaka N’GUESSAN, in Abidjan

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