• Atlantique Assurance Group  infiltrates Cemac by Cameroon

Atlantique Assurance Group infiltrates Cemac by Cameroon

The information has already circulated in the Cameroonian editorial offices. They reported that the Ivorian Atlantic Insurance company is entering into the local market, with a capital of 1.2 billion CFA. The company which practices in the field of “damage”, is managed  by its CEO Guy Rolland Rasoanaivo. Its board of directors is chaired by Ivorian businessman Koné Dossongui, according to the Inves information website in Cameroon. Through Atlantic Insurance Cameroon IARDT, the Ivorian group Atlantic Financial Group (bank and insurance), allied with the Moroccan Central Popular Bank (BCP), is attempting a breakthrough in the Cemac zone, after successful settlements in Ivory Coast, Togo, Mali and, most recently, Benin.

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