“The solar photovoltaic power plant of Zagtouli will be the largest solar power plant in West Africa”

During the second edition of the Energies and Renewable Energies of Africa (SEERA) held last May in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s Minister of Energy, Professor Alfa Oumar Dissa, explained the major

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DRC: The new tourist destination in Africa

While the DR Congo is known worldwide for its mining resources, the country has other jewels. First, its nine national parks, including the Virunga National Park, which has been declared

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TUNISIA: Thalasso and medical tourism are booming

While tourism has been more than moribund in Tunisia since the Bardo and Sousse revolution and attacks, a sector of activity is rather booming. Better, it is renewed and is

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Kenya, away from safaris, another idea of Africa

The cradle of humanity, land of Swahili, a people of travelers who gave their name to the Safaris, and the famous Massai, Kenya is now the site of predilection of

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«Algiers: A potential to be valued»

Sofitel Alger is one of the main and rare to date, high-end tourist institutions in the Algerian capital, with a majority of business customers. Jérôme Rotrou, the hotel’s operations manager,

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Morocco “Authenticity, diversity, quality”

According to the World Tourism Organization, there have been more than 1.8 billion tourists and the flows will double by 2030, a real opportunity to seize for the Moroccan economy.

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Tourism: what does Africa really gain?

If the States develop more strategies to develop their tourism offer, to date, the sector contributes little to inclusive growth given its potential. Yet, studies show that the tourism sector

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« Il faut libérer le potentiel touristique du continent »

Par Cécile BARRY*
On dénombre, pour cette année, 4% de touristes en plus sur le continent africain. Une hausse significative, certes, mais qui ne contribue pas encore au développement de l’industrie