• MRE: Morocco encourages investment in real estate
  • MRE: Morocco encourages investment in real estate

MRE: Morocco encourages investment in real estate

As every year, the largest meeting of Moroccan Real Estate is held in Paris, from 12 May to 15 May 2017, at the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center. A real barometer of foreign real estate investments to Morocco.




The 14th edition of Smap Immo 2017, the largest meeting of Moroccan Real Estate Abroad, was held from 12 to 15 May 2017 at the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center. With this year, hundreds of real estate projects are on show, some 60 cities represented from all regions of Morocco, and as many of the most tempting offers for Moroccans residing abroad. The MREs. Almost one and a half million people to whom we should add the binational, all wanting to invest in real estate, in their country of origin, with confidence, in other words without going through the family network. The influx of this annual RDV testifies that from year to year the demand in this direction grows. More than 38,000 visitors, from all over France, but also from other European countries, participated this year according to the organizers.

38 000 visitors

Organized by SMAP Events & Exhibitions, with the support of the Ministry of Housing, Urban Planning and Urban Policy, the Salon has not lacked ambition: on 10,000 m2 of exhibition space, The Kingdom’s most comprehensive and diversified real estate offering was on display. With all the regions of the country represented, sixty Moroccan cities and dozens of real estate projects all standings and all budgets combined. With among the exhibitors, real estate agents, developers, builders, developers, but also banks …

Interest of the Shereefian monarchy to the MREs, which it tries to guide the investment towards structuring projects

A success that we owe to two essential factors: the boom of real estate in Morocco which is explained by the economic upturn that the country has known for several years; And the interest of the Shereefian monarchy in the MRE, which it tries to direct investment towards structuring projects. The purchase of a property among others. Several measures in this direction have been taken to accompany them. Starting with a tax system specifically dedicated to MREs. Thus, if the acquired residence is occupied by parents, it is assimilated to a principal residence and therefore assigned to the tax regime in force. Also, an exemption on the first five years of the “urban” and “edil” taxes, a reduction of 75% in the following years. Similarly, in case of disposal of the property, after eight years of ownership, An allowance on the capital gain on disposal. With the guarantee of repatriating the proceeds of sale …

Special MRE tax measures

Adaptations that have brought investment to the stone field among the MRE. Although it is difficult to obtain the exact figures, it is known that Marrakech is thus among the first destination of investments of the Moroccan diaspora in the Kingdom, which attracts not only expatriates but also French and other Europeans in search of a villa, even a Ryad for their holidays, or retirees who have made the choice to finish their old days in the city with a thousand colors…



Auteur : ANA // Photos : SMAP IMMO-Paris © SMAP

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