• Afrobytes: African Tech meeting in Paris
  • Afrobytes: African Tech meeting in Paris

Afrobytes: African Tech meeting in Paris

On June 8-9, the second edition of Afrobytes was held at the Medef in Paris, a 100% business meeting between the stakeholders in the African and world Tech. The challenge: establish a synergy between the different ecosystems.




Though the African Tech has the wind in its sails, it remains isolated because of lack of connections with other ecosystems at the global level. This is the challenge launched by Haweya Mohamed, founder of Afrobytes, a platform dedicated to the establishment of connections between ICT stakeholders in Africa and their counterparts throughout the world and look for investors for a sharing of know-how, more broadly, give visibility to African initiatives.

A meeting of African Tech and the world digital stakeholders 

It is Afrobytes’ vocation to organize a meeting annually, beyond its punctual actions. After a first successful edition last June, it quickly established itself as the meeting of the African Tech in Paris. The second edition was held in the French capital June 8-9, with nearly a thousand guests, including more than 1,000 speakers and key stakeholders in the sector. They included Pierre Gattaz, Chairperson of the French employers, Medef, which hosts the event; Toro Orero from Silicon Valley Drapper; Space X by Elon Musc; Ebele Okobi and Emaka Afigbo who accompanied Marc Zuckerberg during his last visit to the continent; The Iroko World DG; The CEO of Africa of Qwartz; Larry Madowo, Kenya’s most influential TV presenter; Edith Brou, a very influential blogger rom the Ivory Coast; etc. 

A business market

Marked by discussions, it was first and foremost a business market where people had the opportunity to position themselves on the digital value chain in Africa, more than a vector of innovation and a transforming accelerator in Africa.

Author : ANA // Photos : Thierry Barbaut, expert en digital, lors d’une conférence Afrobytes © Afrobytes


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