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DRC: TMB Plus Bank opens in Kolwezi

Trust Merchant Bank (TMB) opens a second TMB branch for its TMB Plus customers in Kolwezi. TMB thus confirms its territorial anchorage with its 92 domestic branches.   Author : ANA

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Declining Oil Prices: An opportunity for non-oil exporters?

Wide fluctuations in oil prices have played an important economic change in numerous African oil-exporting nations. According to Mo Ibrahim Foundation study reported by some media, African oil exporters wasted

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Burkina Faso : La Banque mondiale offre 30 milliards pour appuyer la décentralisation

L’accord signé le 22 septembre entre les deux parties, va permettre de financer la phase additionnelle du Programme d’appui aux collectivités territoriales (PACT), à travers lequel la Banque mondiale met